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Speech by Waithera Kabiru at the Amazing Motor Hunt Prize Giving Ceremony, Pots & Palms Restaurant, Nairobi, Kenya

My name is Waithera Kabiru. I am a mother of two handsome boys, Antoine 13 years and Bryan, 5 years old. I am the third born child to Prof Kabiru Kinyanjui and Lilian Mwaura.

On November 6, 2012, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My doctor broke the news to me in the company of my parents. In her report she stated: “I met Waithera with her parents in my Nairobi Hospital office. She took the news calmly and I sent her for a core biopsy.”

My parents did not take the news calmly! In fact they were devastated. They both looked like they were going to break down and cry! I didn’t know how to comfort them. Personally, I was numb at the news and it still hadn’t sunk in!

Despite a STRONG history of breast cancer from my maternal side, I NEVER thought those words would be delivered at me. My life was going on just fine. I appeared healthy, had a great social and work life and was a doting mother to my kids. So why did I need cancer in my life?

On December 3, a day before my older son sat for his KCPE exams, I travelled to India with my mum for further tests and to begin my treatment. I told my son I was going or a business trip while he was sitting for his exams. My heart was broken that I couldn’t be there for him at a critical time in his life. I am glad to report that he performed extremely well in his KCPE exams and he is now in Form 1, high school.

On 12/12/12, one day after my 37th birthday, I underwent my first course of treatment – breast cancer surgery to remove the tumours found in my right breast and removal of my lymph nodes.

I will never forget that date in my life. It is the day that marked the beginning of my Second Chance in Life.

Today I stand here, 5 months into my treatment and I must say my life has never felt better or wholesome! Despite going through chemotherapy treatment since January, I have never felt this wholesome in my life! Yes, I have a mile long list of side effects, from hair loss, insomnia, constipation, lack of appetite, back pain, chronic fatigue, and the list goes on, but I can live with them. In addition, cancer is very expensive to manage but I have put my trust in God that he will provide.

Every day I wake up and I value the small things in life and I am thankful for them. That’s cancer for you, it keeps you in perspective!

Since I went public about my diagnosis, I have been overwhelmed by messages of love, support, prayers and financial support from friends and family far and wide. I strongly believe this is God’s plan for me and he says:

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria\

 “I’m going to do great things that I have never done before anywhere on earth. People will see what great things I can do because I’m going to do something awesome for you.” Now when God uses the word “awesome,” He is not talking about a trickle, a stream or a river of power. He is talking about a flood of favor, a flood of ideas, a flood of healing. It may not look like it in the natural right now; but remember, you’re under a Flash Flood Warning. Any moment, the heavens could open up. Any moment, you could meet the right person. Any moment, God could do something awesome, something that you’ve never seen before in your life.

Now the real question is will you let this seed take root? Every voice will tell you why this is not for you, but God wants to do something amazing in your life. Why don’t you get into agreement with Him and say, “God, this is for me today. I’m raising my expectations. I’m shaking off doubt, negativity, disappointment, self-pity, little dreams and little goals. God, I’m going to make room for a flood of Your goodness!” 

 I will let this seed root and use my experience to help others through my foundation, Second Chances Foundation whose goal will be to raise awareness on cancer and other lifestyle diseases, advocate for medical screening and early detection, and provide hope and support to those affected and encourage them to live their lives as if they have received a second chance!


Father, I believe that You want to do something amazing in my life. I surrender my thoughts, words and attitudes to You. Have Your way in me and overwhelm me with Your goodness in Jesus’ name! Amen.

— Joel & Victoria Osteen

Second Chances Foundation

Second Chances Foundation