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The Second Chances Foundation

The Second Chances Foundation was founded in 2013 after one of the founding members was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37 years. The founding members agreed that it was important for them to come together with the overall goal of creating public awareness on early detection and prevention of non-communicable diseases such as cancer.

The Second Chances Foundation was registered as a Company Limited by Shares in July 2013, and it has 5 main objectives:

i.        To create general public awareness in early detection and prevention of diseases as well as advocating for appropriate policies and programmes.

ii.        To create general public awareness on targeted risk behaviors such as smoking, physical inactivity, drug and alcohol abuse etc.

iii.        To advocate and lobby medical institutions, county and national governments and other stakeholders to increase access, affordability and utilization of early detection services for major chronic diseases.

iv.        To advocate and lobby county and national governments to provide funds for care treatment and support for patients and their families.

v.        To create an environment that supports and promotes health through community dialogue and varied outreach efforts.

The Second Chances Foundation is headed by a board of 7 directors who are professionals in various industries

  1. Mary WaitheraKabiru, a Digital Marketing Manager for a multinational organization, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in November 2012.
  2. JedidahWakonyoWaruhiu an advocate of the High Court of Kenya with a focus on human rights and criminal justice.  .
  3. RoselineNgure a Hospitality Hotelier.
  4. Sylvia Gichia in Arts Management.
  5. Agnes GathoniMiano an Information Technology Manager.
  6. MarynneWairimuNjoroge a Corporate Social Responsibility consultant.
  7. Sophie Hannah Mukwana a Scientist.

The Second Chances Foundationis headquartered in Nairobi and plans to initially reach out to communities in Kenya.